Who We Are

The Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia is an outreach involving concerned individuals in the community.  Their desire is to help and extend compassion toward women and their families when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

By meeting women’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and affirming the value of human life, we enable a woman to carry her child to term and to plan constructively for her future.  This ministry seeks to change the lives of women and their unborn children through the application of sound life principles, providing accurate information, expressing compassion and practical care.

Since the Support Center’s opening in 1984, we have served more than 7,600 clients.  They have received many different services from free pregnancy tests and information pertinent to the result, to material assistance, telephone and adoption referrals, as well as information on prenatal development and alternatives to abortion.  The Center receives no government funding, and is operated entirely by the generosity and support of individuals and organizations.

Of the many and often desperate needs that our clients bring to the Center, we are always mindful that there is none greater than their need for the saving grace of the Lord Jesus, and it is our greatest blessing indeed when, as the Lord moves, our clients surrender their lives into the healing and life-giving hands of our Savior.